Tips from Jellyfish Fields logo
Narrator: And now, some simple guidelines from your visit to Jellyfish Fields. Always pack lightly. [Rocky

carries himself and puts him on the briefcase because it's heavy] Dispose of litter properly.

Ginger: Gadzooks!!! [Hangs the ground upside down and puts trash to Ginger and laughs]

Narrator: And finally, please respect the kind jellyfish.

Evil Mr. Tweedy (clone): [Crushes Jellyfish with a book] HA! hahaha... [Crushes Evil Mr. Tweedy with a chair] OW! [Jellyfish comes out of the book and stings Evil Mr. Tweedy] AAAAAAAHH!!!

Narrator: This has been a word from Jellyfish Fields State Park.

Evil Mr. Tweedy: Ohh...

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